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About Us

Our Ethos

Members of The Green Electric Scooter company shall always strive to:


  • Ensure a Customer Centric Focus

  • Provide Value for Money Products

  • Help Those who Need a Hand

  • Promote Green Energy use and Assist in an Environmental Recovery


Our passion to provide our customers with the safest, highest quality and cost effective forms of battery driven 'green' transport options stems from the need of our founder to re-prioritise his vision for a 'greener' and safer future for the UK.


In 2012 at the age of 41 our founder suffered a severe brain injury due to a accident at work, following this at the age of 42 he had a heart attack. The formerly fit and dynamic family man was then made redundant from his managerial role at the worlds biggest IT company because of the accident.

After over five years of recuperation and a reassessment of his life goals with his family, the exciting idea of a business to provide affordable and more environmentally friendly transport options began. The idea rapidly turned into a passion.

One of the defining eureka moments for our business was when members of our team visited Venice beach in California, Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark to research the current electric scooters in daily use on the roads and paths there. What we discovered were specifically allocated lanes and zones, government encouraged and council funded promotion of electric vehicle use, particularity when travelling short journeys or commuting to work. 


The scenes we saw in these places will remain with us forever, particularly seeing thousands of people travelling on cycles, e-cycles and e-scooters at 'rush hour', segregated, safe, courteously riding, and without traffic jams along main roads and cycle / scooter paths throughout the cities. The greener travel options FAR out-numbering the old petrol and diesel cars and lorries.


The team here in Derbyshire, England  now share our cutting edge research, highlight interesting green travel related news stories, we reveal new products and technologies and provide  advice to thousands of people every month. There are so many new and exciting technologies entering this ever-growing field, these are exciting times now in the UK and this is just the beginning.

We are very proud in keeping all of our subscribers, users and customers up-to-date with the latest laws, news and articles from the UK and around the World.


We hope you will enjoy this electric vehicle revolution with us too.Revisit us as often as you like for special news and the latest offers and enjoy the ride with us.


On July 4th 2020 the conservative government changed their mind on the future of e-scooters to allow the trials of electric scooters on UK roads. We see this as a precursor to the complete acceptance of e-scooter ownership as a cost effective and more environmentally friendly model to that of rental.


This is our goal and vision we have for the UK. A greener, more responsible and sustainable, fun mode of transport, with each traveller in charge of their own travel space and time. This has already been realised in over a hundred cities around the World, and the team here truly believe that the UK's people and our Government will be just as successful in there quest for a 'greener and more socially aware' method of independent transport.


We hope that you, your family and friends will join us for the ride.


Please check back in with us to see how our shared vision progresses.


Thank you all.