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MPs agree electric Scooters should soon be legal

MPs agree electric Scooters should soon be legal


In what is incredible news for advocates and fans of legal eScooter use in the UK, MPs agree that they should be legalised for use on UK roads,  within the next 18 months.

Given the fact that eScooters have had a huge positive impact in many cities around the globe, it has long been the objective of many businesses and individuals in the UK to encourage and promote the safe and legal use of these low pollution vehicles. 

As demonstrated perfectly in Stockholm and Copenhagen, where established  rules and standardised etiquettes are defined, supportative coucils provide segregated roads and districts benefit from clearer air, cars and non polluting modes of transport safely cohabit the city streets. Pavements are utilised by pedestrians who now breathe in less toxic fumes. 

During this time of huge change and challenge for the whole nation, it is of fundamental importance that our Government embrace positive changes such as these.

Travelling individually, in a safe bubble, contributing less to warming the planet, aligning better with our European cousins and having fun and more fresh air should be a choice in the UK too.

The article linked here provides further information in the MPs call for action.




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