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90 Million ways to Scooter

90 Million ways to Scooter

Recently the UK government announced they they were going to FAST-TRACK the legalisation of eScooters in the United Kingdom. The green and fun way to travel around a town or city, or  commute to work or even go shopping is about to get legal. With the current government ring-fencing £90 million pounds  to promote and sustain the infrastructure and technologies that are needed provide socially distanced and Eco-friendly travel, 2020 is indeed  going to be the year of the electric scooter revolution in the UK.

Researchers from Berkeley have shown that the money spent renting an electric scooter from a multinational company for between 60-90 days is a roughly equal sum needed to buy a similar eScooter outright.

Two questions you may have if you are thinking of joining this fun and environmentally friendly mode of transport are, should I rent a shared scooter or should I buy an eScooter of my own? Of course this is a decision only you can make. There are pro's and con's to each.  Below you will find how the rental (or sharing) model works based on one persons video experience of the generic scooters currently in Europe.



Whichever electric scooter route you may take, be assured that you are joining a green revolution already well established in over 100 cities around the World.

At we have a large range of electric scooters to suit your individual needs, budget and plans for its use.

Let us know what you think of the article and the video below.


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  • I think these are a brilliant idea to get about with the current pandemic going on, which will help me avoid public transport, it’s also very compact so will fit in most places and easy to find a spot to park it up or bring it with me. I’m also wondering if I would be able to use it in the bicycle lane, I’m not sure how I would feel riding along with all the traffic. All in all I think it’s a great product the price is reasonable and it will get me from A to B in a quick eco friendly manner.

    G santirci
  • These are a great idea and more environmentally friendly way to travel around. The website is very helpful and informative. Is there a requirement to wear protective head gear with these. If so it may be a good accessory to add to the collection.

    Debbie Sherringham
  • What a brilliant idea, especially helpful in pandemic conditions, if you had your own scooter. The video shows what you can do with them, but convinced me that for ease, its better to get your own. It will be charged and ready to go. It seems they are very transportable.

    Jane Allen-Brown

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